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You will receive 3 US Paper size planner printables to get your planning started. Included are a daily planning page, notes, and a running to do list.


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Mini Financial Planning Pack

Budget Worksheet

Any easy, basic budget worksheet to stay on your financial track.

Green Gradient Budget Worksheet v1 PDF



Bill Payment Tracker

This bill payment tracker is how I track my bills and make sure they all get paid on time 🙂 I have moved it to an excel spreadsheet now but it is the exact same layout. This just keeps me from missing bills…not that I have ever done that… 😉

Green Gradient Bill Payment Schedule PDF


Log in and Password Tracker

I started writing down a list of login’s and passwords when I had to travel for work. I was afraid that if something happened to me while traveling my husband wouldn’t know how to access anything. I keep mine in a household binder so everyone knows where it is. It has come in very handy! Usually on days when my husband accidentally logs out of something and calls me while I am at work… because you know…not being able to log into GrubHub is sometimes an emergency LOL.

Seriously though, I have spoken to friends whose spouses were hospitalized and they didn’t know how to access anything or how to pay the bills, not a great spot to be in, so I highly recommend keeping a hardcopy list of all login’s and passwords handy at all time.

Green Gradient Log In and Password Log PDF v


Project Planner

An easy way to organize small projects, keep track of who is responsible for which step and meet all your deadlines!

Blue Green Gradient Medium Projects


Shopping List

Need I say more?

Blue Green Gradient Shopping


Goals Page addition to Planner pack

I believe that one of the biggest struggles in accomplishing goals is that looking at a goal without breaking it into manageable steps can be a bit overwhelming leading to procrastination. This page is designed to break down your goals into manageable steps that are no overwhelming and to also act as a guide so you always know what your next steps should be. How many times have you looked at a project or had a goal and just didn’t know where to start? Writing it out the actual steps can help keep you on track and moving forward!

Blue Green Gradient Goals Page v 




Medication List

A medication list is must for everyone taking any medications or supplements. Need more info? Check out my post on why they are so important

Medication List




bill pay schedule honeycomb


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